Plumbers Leak Detection & Repair - 24 Hour Emergency Service

Do you need water leak repairs for your Wellington home? Whether it's just a leaking tap, a leaking toilet or if you're living in a leaky home - Grant Plumbing are experts in water leak detection and leak repair.

Is there water in your driveway or garden? These are all signs of water leaks or a burst pipe.

If you are in the Wellington region and have a water leak problem that needs fixing ASAP, call Grant Plumbing for immediate assistance on 0800 453 257.

Do you have a burst water pipe emergency?

We will be on our way as fast as we can so in the mean time you should find your water meter/ toby which is normally found at the front of your house or on the street. Turn it off to stop any further water damage to your property,

Tap repairs

Having a leaking or dripping tap can be a nightmare. If you find a leaking tap or your taps have become tight in turning on- Grant Plumbing will have the solution to help. We can genrally repair most makes and models.

Leaking or Blocked Toilets

Is your toilet leaking or maybe it’s blocked.

Does your toilet need replaced? Or repaired?

Your toilet can be repaired or replaced by one of the team at Grant Plumbing 24 hours, 7 days a week.